Frequently Asked Questions

Exelon STEM Academy FAQ's

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions by students about our programs and scholarships. If you have another question, please email We'll include it here if it would be helpful to others!

The scholarship is designed to allow recipients to complete 2 or 4 years of schooling without debt.   The scholarship covers any costs not covered by financial aid grants provided by the recipient’s college/university or state/federal grants. 

The scholarship covers tuition, required fees, housing, a meal plan, books and required supplies.

No, the scholarship may be used for a technical school or community college.  You may also finish your two years in technical school or community college and still receive two years of support to complete a four-year degree in any of the majors for which the scholarship is given. 

The scholarship has a strong engineering focus with the following majors receiving priority:  engineering; finance/business; IT/computer science; supply chain management.

A change of major may impact continuation of scholarship.

In 2021, there were seven recipients of the scholarship.   The number or awardees may vary each year.   

The internship will be with an Exelon company/department in the summer. An effort will be made to align it with your college and career goals.


No. However, preference is given to those attending a college or university in the Exelon service area footprint.

The following rules of eligibility apply:
Financial need, academic achievement, GPA of 2.8 or higher, alumnae of the Exelon STEM Academy, active participation in STEM Academy programming, alignment of education and career goals to a career in energy, completion of an application and possible interviews. 

You may certainly apply, but the chance that you will be selected to receive the scholarship is small. The scholarship is designed to support students in the following academy fields: engineering; finance/business; IT/computer science; supply chain management.

You may apply, but be sure to detail how your intended major will align with a career in the energy industry at Exelon.    

You may apply for an internship through Exelon’s HR department each year.  (insert link)